Rags to Riches

There's just 4 weeks to go!!!


On Sunday 27th January 2019, the kids will once again take to the stage at Netherton Arts Centre, with their performance of Rags to Riches, the story of Cinderella. The show, which includes 45 children, aged 4-14, starts at 2.30pm, with tickets at just £5 each. Contact us to purchase tickets for what will be an incredible performance!


Our Performers



Introducing Lauren, who plays Cinderella and Millie, who plays Prince Andrew. 


Will they achieve their dreams? 


Will they end up together in the end?



Prince Andrew has two best friends, who help to guide and support him in his princely duties. 


Lillie Mai plays Ben and Paige plays Jack. 


Will they both be able to help the Prince achieve his dreams?



Lilly and Ruby are very excited to be playing Cinderella's cats. 


Will they help Cinderella and stop her from feeling so lonely?




The whole performance is brought together with the help of our four narrators. 


Ellee, Grace, Florence and Isabelle are on hand to guide you through the story, having lots of fun on the way! 



Here we have our King, played by Jack and our beautiful Queen, played by Isabella. 


Will they convince Prince Andrew to finally marry a princess?




Emma is playing the evil Stepmother, Mrs Bucket, though she insists it's pronounced Bouquet!!! Along with the help of her two daughters, Shaniqua and Joan, they make Cinderella's life very miserable. 


When they get an invitation to the ball, she is determined either herself or her daughters will marry the prince, but will she get what she wants?

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