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  • Holly (Sunday, May 02 21 08:21 pm BST)

    The last show was awesome! I would like to say a big thank you to my mum (Lucy) for putting this all together! You are incredible!

  • Cerys (Saturday, April 24 21 10:28 pm BST)

    Hi I’m Cerys and I won’t lie I love theatrekidz and it’s brought up my confidence so much and I hope you can join us and become apart of this fabulous team

  • Holly (Saturday, October 26 19 11:57 am BST)

    I really enjoy theatrekidz and I am so excited for this performance! It is a great way to get children to make new friends and build their confidence! I am looking forward to seeing everybody next week!

  • Kate (Saturday, July 20 19 02:14 pm BST)

    3 AMAZING shows down for my girls! Theatrekidz allows them to do exactly what they love! Especially Millie! Ruby's confidence has improved massively. Can't wait for the next show!

  • Emma (Friday, July 19 19 04:55 pm BST)

    Theatrekidz is an amazing place and has helped me through so much, it is really good at helping you with your confidence when performing on stage. Thank You theatrekidz for everything you have done!!! 💗

  • Sarah (Monday, April 15 19 08:41 pm BST)

    Fantastic group of children, who have all developed in confidence.

  • Grace p (Saturday, March 02 19 01:13 pm GMT)

    Theatre kids is amazing I like helping the younger kids my confidence has grown so much everyone is so nice there xx

  • Holly (Sunday, February 03 19 08:28 am GMT)

    Theartekidz is the best! We are all friendly and I am onured to be one of the group leaders. I think our next show is going to be the best one yet because all the parents in the audience will know the songs.Thank you so much for giving me the best Saturdays ever.Xxx

  • Paige Acacia (Monday, January 28 19 08:18 pm GMT)

    Doing rags to riches was so fun and improved my confidence . I've made so many friends and all the kids are friendly and made me feel welcome and part of the team from day one . I love dancing and i get to laugh with friends !

  • Abbie-mai (Sunday, July 29 18 09:06 am BST)

    Theatrekidz is great , I’m the oldest there and I help all of the younger ones out when I’m not practicing, Without theatrekidz I would not be able to do all our shows (which are great) and I would lose all my kind , amazing and caring friends xx

  • Archie (Thursday, July 26 18 04:36 pm BST)

    Theaterkidz is the best! I love every week of it. From start to end it’s awesome! We welcome people who would like to join and I can’t wait to go again!!!

  • Holly (Wednesday, April 25 18 07:58 pm BST)

    This place is incredible I love all the dances we do I don't know what my life would do with out theatrekidz. Everybody there is my friend and I will always care for them.😄😄💙❤💚💛💜💗💃

  • Abbie (Tuesday, February 07 17 07:46 pm GMT)

    TheatreKidz is so amazing I love helping the smaller kids it's fun . I'm so excited for next week so I can teach my friends my dance . See you next week xx

  • Holly (Sunday, January 22 17 05:14 pm GMT)

    Theatrekidz is brilliant! All the children are trying their best. The teachers can't decide who gets the bear because we are all so fantastic! So it takes longer for them to decide.

  • Jacob (Sunday, January 22 17 05:01 pm GMT)

    It is amazing! Everybody is super friendly and I love doing can't stop the feeling. Can't wait to see everyone next week!

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