Our team

TheatreKidz Rowley is run by the following people:

Lucy Walters



Lucy is a local school teacher with 17 years experience, specialising in music and performing arts. She is an Associate of the London College of Music, having achived her ALCM Diploma in Musical Theatre. In addition she has her Diploma in Classical Singing, and is a fully trained dancer. She has written and produced many pantomimes and concerts over the last 18 years. She has directed and choreographed many musicals and has performed for many years in both leading and ensemble roles. She teaches singing and piano privately from home. 

Emma Rhodes

Workshop Assistant


Emma has experience working with children in a variety of situations, including running Music Bugs, teaching music to pre-school age children. She is a local Primary School teacher. She has been a part of the team since September 2019 and we couldnt do it without her. 

Stuart Laing

Technical Director


Stuart has spent many years in customer facing roles, having managed several well known high street companies. He is TheatreKidz Rowley's technical director, running the sound and lighting at our productions. He thoroughly enjoys the drama side of the productions and works with the kids to develop their confidence when speaking and delivering their lines. 


Sophie Norton

Workshop Assisstant


Sophie has always loved performing and helps us out each week at our sessions. We only see Sophie at certain times as during the summer season, she is a Haven Entertainer. She is fantastic with the kids and a great asset to our team. 

Group Leaders

Group Leader are children, who have shown over the past few months that they are reliable, confident, helpful to others and have shown real commitment to TheatreKidz Rowley. They help the workshop leaders to co-ordinate the work they are doing in sessions,  help the younger ones to learn their roles and have extra responsibilities at our productions. The aim of the group leader programme is to develop the kids leadership skills, confidence and help them to develop their performance skills further. Here are our group leaders...


Holly is our youngest group leader, but has been with TheatreKidz Rowley since the start. Her confidence is developing and she is an all rounder, showing great enthusiasm for all aspects of the performances. Holly however, is our 'go to' when it comes to the younger children. If anyone is upset, nervous or unsure, along comes Holly and she looks after them. She's so kind and caring and the children love her. 


Jacob has been with TheatreKidz Rowley since it opened and has been involved in every performance. He is very enthusiastic and willing to get involved in anything (including performing as a stepsister!). He is a great help with our refreshments, and helps the younger ones to know what they have to do. He is very confident and likes to have an input into the dance routines, helping out as much as possible. 


Lauren is a great perfomer and role model to all of our TheatreKidz. She always shows enthusiasm and dedication to what she is doing and is so friendly and kind to the younger ones. She has developed in confidence over the time she has been at TheatreKidz and has shown a lot of commitment to every role she has been given. 


Ellee has been with us for some time now, and her confidence over the last few months has soared. She's great with the younger ones and will help the others with anything at all. She is so bubbly, enthusiastic and a great role model to all of the TheatreKidz. 


Faith is our newest of the Team Leaders, joining us for our last productin, but she has made such an impact already. She is great with the younger ones and a real role model for them with her great attitude and enthusiasm. 


Since starting with us, Odhinn has grown significantly in confidence and performance skill and he is a very helpful and enthusiastic member of the group. He is developing as a performer and is great at helping our kids feel part of the family. 


As one of our older members, Grace is dedicated and enthusiastic about performing. She is doing her GCSE's this year and is still managing to commit to us each Saturday. She is such a friendly, welcoming person and the other kids really like her. 

We are located at:

TheatreKidz Rowley

Rowley Learning Campus

Curral Road

B65 9AN


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